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Precision machinery parts processing is how to do

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-01
Today we share with you of precision machinery parts processing stages: precision parts processing can't be in the process to finish all of the surface of the processing, precision parts machining of the whole process can be divided into the following phases: ( 1) Rough machining stage. Removal of the machining surface most machining allowance, and work out fine benchmark, mainly considering the earth to improve productivity as much as possible. ( 2) Semi-finishing phase. Possible defects after resection of rough machining, prepare the way for surface finishing, requirements as part of the processing precision and ensure the appropriate allowance for finish, and finish on the surface of the secondary processing. ( 3) Finishing stage. At this stage the big cutting speed, small feed and cutting depth, removal of the process on the left by the allowance for finish, meet the technical requirements of pattern on the surface of the parts. ( 4) Finishing processing stages. Is mainly used to reduce the surface roughness value or surface strengthening processing, mainly used for surface roughness requirement is very high ( ra≤0。 32 μm) The surface of the processing. ( 5) Ultra-precision machining stage. Machining precision in 0. 1 - 0. 01 microns, the surface roughness ra 0 or less. 001 microns processing stages. The main processing methods are: precision cutting, precision mirror grinding, precision grinding and polishing. Manufacturing metal non-standard parts, ¢0. 5 - ¢20 mm stainless steel, titanium, aluminum etc metal precision parts manufacturing for many years precipitation technology. Including: non-standard miniature components, stainless steel components, medical equipment accessories, lighting accessories, fasteners, connectors, axis of instrument fittings, bushings, fiber optic connectors, lc, sc tail handle handle accessories, precision machinery parts, fiber optic communications, screw nut, electronics accessories, copper, aluminum rivet and other civilian and military high standards of high quality high cleanliness products more than 200 varieties, for customers to choose from. In addition we can also according to the different requirements of customers, create customer satisfaction products.
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