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Precision machinery parts processing factory, we can talk 'labor law'

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-05
For ningbo precision machinery processing industry, apple mobile phone is always not the past. Recently, apple's announcement of a new, it is our hot topic of ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer. At this critical time, however, a U. S. labor regulators, according to the report apple alleged violation of China's 'labor law', the downstream suppliers of mechanical parts processing plant a large number of the use of temporary workers. Ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer we all know, the proportion of temporary workers cannot account for half of the total workforce, cannot appear in precision parts processing other ACTS of infringement of labor rights, otherwise can't become the apple suppliers. Learned, was accused of the mechanical parts processing plant is foxconn zhengzhou factory, this also is the world's largest iPhone factory. After years of practice of mechanical parts processing, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer will abide by the requirements of the 'labor law', all overtime should be on the premise of resources, everyone get appropriate compensation, including overtime pay and bonuses, would never have forced labor. Precision machining industry in ningbo, generally divided into full-time employees and personnel, sometimes hire short-term interns. But no matter what kind of worker, CNC parts processing enterprises should provide a reasonable salary, welfare and provide government requirements.
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