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Precision machinery parts processing factory, the layout 'new construction'

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-07
Recently, the 'new construction' fire over the country, since the release of the political bureau of the strategy, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer have in-depth study, mining opportunities. 'New construction', seven areas are almost our CNC parts processing manufacturing downstream customers, some have worked, some are cooperation opportunity so quietly. In precision parts processing experts, global perspective, the higher degree of automation manufacturing enterprises enjoy the technology dividend, intelligent manufacturing will more be taken seriously. Countries to promote the strategy of 'new construction', also can further promote transformation and upgrading of parts processing factory, the big water rather than rush, many small factories may face more intense competition environment. To in this wave of 'new construction' rise, parts processing factory must practice good internal strength, the gold will shine, powerful enterprises will gain long-term customers. Although there are new opportunities, but peace operation is a truth, when customers finally see or overall strength, new opportunities more in need of real quality. See 'new infrastructure,' the seven areas, construction of uhv, 5 g, inter-city high-speed railway and urban rail transit, large data centers, artificial intelligence, new energy automobile charging pile, industrial areas, such as the Internet, are basically ZhongJun control, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer want to get orders for these industries, no diamonds, I'm afraid finding this porcelain live.
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