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Precision machinery parts processing factory take you understand the installation of the guide rail

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-05
Precision machining industry in ningbo, to know the position of machine tool guideway and structure, can be the basis of machine tool guideway maintenance. Do a good job in precision parts processing, the first to observe guide rail structure, analyzing the characteristics of the structure, for the installation of linear rolling guide vice. Today, ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory take you understand under the guide of installation steps, generally has the following contents: 1) Installation guide ( 1) Will guide datum side base close to the surface of machine assembly, screw hole, will gently guide rail bolt to be fixed. ( 2) To tighten the guide rail lateral jacking device, to guide the benchmark side glue on the side of the bed. ( 3) With the installation of torque wrench screw down the guide screw, cross order from middle to both ends. 2) Install the slider ( 1) The workbench in the plane of the slide block seat, on the mounting screw hole, gently pressure tight. ( 2) Tighten the benchmark side sliding block lateral compression device, sliding block and the benchmark side hug the datum of the workbench. ( 3) Tighten the benchmark in diagonal order lateral sliding block and the benchmark on the screw. After the installation, check the whole trip in precision machining operation is light, flexible, and beating, block phenomenon, frictional resistance should not have obvious change in the whole trip. After reaching the above requirements, check the operation of the CNC machining workbench straightness, parallelism whether load requirements.
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