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by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-06
Earlier this month, Mr One hang on the web search 'ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer contact to our company. He preliminary browsing our website, have a basic understanding of, feel that we are still good, precision parts processing level is launched an inquiry. Mr Hangzhou to our customer service send me a copy of the 3 d drawings, he asked whether can do this kind of mechanical parts processing products? Our customer service to his 3 d drawings to the technical evaluation, after review the drawings, we told Mr Hang, such we can order precision parts processing products. But, the other side to see we give him a reply so soon, for our ability to ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer are still a little skeptical. He paper also in other parts of the inquiry, said that it was difficult to do, we here is very easy, is suspected of blowing. Mr Learned in communication, and hangzhou in ever cheated on a mechanical parts plant. First enquiry, all say very large scale of operation, but after placing orders, nothing happened. Hangzhou, want to go to the scene to look at Mr Removed the precision parts processing factory said, have no place before. Then contact all have no reply, so the sink, the deposit is cheated. In order to eliminate the scruples of the hangzhou Sir, we put the position to send to each other, and he are always welcome to visit our ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer, we also promised Mr Hang, if there is inconsistent with our online profile, we can all free processing. As a result, the next day, came to our factory. Communication later, Mr. Han said very satisfied precision parts processing, we place the order with you soon.
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