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Precision machinery parts processing factory of turret head type tool change device

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-07
Ningbo precision machinery parts processing machine tool CNC machine with a rotating tool often USES this tool change device, with several spindle turret head, are packed in a wooden knife on each of the main shaft, processing transfer tower head can be automatically transfer to realize tool change. Its advantages are simple structure, tool change time is short, only about 2 s. But due to the limitation of space position, spindle number cannot too much, ningbo precision mechanical parts processing plant is only applicable to process usually less, accuracy is not high of machine tools, such as CNC drilling machine, CNC milling machine, etc. Appeared in recent years, with a manipulator and turret head to change knife knife library automatic tool change device, it is actually a turret head tool change device and tool storage type tool change device combination. Have two tool spindle turret head 5 3 and 4, when using the tool on the tool spindle 4 during processing, can be made of manipulator 2 will need next tool change to no working tool spindle 3, stay after completion of this process, turret head turning 180 o, complete the tool change. Because of its in most of the time and processing time coincidence, real tool change time simply turret head dislocation of time, this way of tool change is mainly used for nc drilling machine and nc file bed, etc.
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