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Precision machinery parts processing factory, after the outbreak of hire

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-05
For mechanical parts processing and the labor-intensive industry, the recruitment difficult problem is not a day two days, but the disease under, let this question is more special. A lot of ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer are beginning to realize the seriousness of the problem, CNC parts processing production line, even after the return to work and production, but a lot of jobs are lack of manpower. Will be saved a backlog of some years ago after the order, after the rework should get the cargo for them, but the cause of the outbreak, a batch of face mask machine, medical equipment, precision parts processing orders in new orders for lack of people to do, the old order and put it there, many employees have no return in time, now hiring workers also difficult. Our workers did not return, but also for outbreak control the flow of people, now no workers employment post machinery parts processing, is also because the outbreak of the choice of letting a person is very cautious. If the outbreak after lifting, this problem is not so serious, labor market recovered, ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises recruitment difficult can be alleviated. Now precision parts processing enterprises is through the online recruitment platform information, guangdong development bank, in general, but few out job, workers for ningbo machining factory to choose better. Proficiency in labor-intensive industries is exquisite, technology is not good for factory workers is not good to use, to make the product quality is bad, but the wreck our credibility.
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