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Precision machinery parts processing equipment should be how to maintain

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-03
Repair and maintenance of machine tool can make machining precision to maintain the best condition, prolong the machine use fixed number of year, the precision machinery parts processing equipment should be how to maintain? After the machine start, maintenance of machine tools is prohibited. During the process of maintenance, the circuit breaker should be disconnected. Machining precision to maintain: 1, after startup, must first preheating 10 minutes, and then processing. Long-term unused machines should extend the time of preheat. 2, check whether the oil is flowing, bench before shutdown and saddle on machine center ( Mobile three axis stroke to each axis stroke center) 。 4, machine dry clean. Note: after the machine start, maintenance of machine tools is prohibited. During the process of maintenance, the circuit breaker should be disconnected. A, daily maintenance ( Do professional master CNC numerical control processing must be) 1, check the lubrication oil surface height, ensure the machine tool lubrication. It is recommended to use T68 # guide rail lubricating oil. 2, check the cooling fluid in the cooling liquid enough, not enough to add in a timely manner. 3, check the pneumatic triple oil surface height, about two-thirds full height of the tubing. Pneumatic triple daily moisture within a filter tank by the drainage discharge switch. 4, check the air pressure, loosen adjusting knob, in accordance with the right hand pressure, left-handed adjustment pressure relief principle, a general setting of 5 ~ 7 kg/CM2. PRESSURE switch set to 5 kg/CM2, usually less than 5 kg/CM2 alarm, system 'LOWAIR PRESSURE' call the police, after PRESSURE, alarm information. 5, check the spindle taper hole air blowing is normal, with a clean cloth to wipe the spindle inner cone hole, and spray light oil. 6, clean library knife arm and cutting tools, especially the knife claws. 7, clean exposed limit switch and a touch. 8 workbench, machine tools, remove, three axis telescopic shield cutting and grease. 9, check all lights, different police warning light is normal. 10, check whether there is oil pressure unit tube leakage phenomenon. 11, machine tools, daily work after the completion of the cleaning cleaning work. 12, maintain machine surroundings clean and tidy. Second, the weekly maintenance 1, clean the heat exchanger of air filter, cooling pumps, lubricating oil pump filter. 2, check tool to pull bolt looseness, knife is clean. 3, check whether triaxial mechanical origin offset. 4, check the library change knife arm action or knife library cutting wheel rotation is smooth. 5, if there is any oil check oil cooled oil cooler, such as inject oil cooling oil is lower than the scale line please. It is recommended to use 10 # spindle oil. 6, check the oil cooler set temperature, the proposal is set in - 26 Between 28 degrees. Three, monthly maintenance, detection 1 X, Y, Z three axis orbit lubrication condition, orbital plane must guarantee good lubrication. 2, inspection, cleaning, and the limit switch touch block. 3, check the play knife oil cylinder oil cup will be enough, lack of timely added. 4, check the machine on the nameplate is clear signs and warning, exist. Four, six months maintenance chip 1, open three axis cover, clean triaxial tubing joints, ball lead screw, triaxial limit switches, and testing is normal. Check the shaft hardened rail wiping effect is good. 2, check the shaft servo motor and whether the normal operation of the head, with or without abnormal sound. 3, replace the oil pressure unit oil, knife library retarding mechanism of oil. 4, test the axial clearance, if necessary, can adjust the compensation amount. 5, clean the dust in the oven ( Ensure the closed) of the machine tool 。 6, comprehensive review each contact, connectors, sockets, switches is normal. 7 and mechanical level to check. Five, the annual maintenance 1, inspect all buttons for sensitive to normal. 2, cutting water tank cleaning, change of cutting fluid. 3, check each axis vertical accuracy, decide whether to need to adjust. Note: equipment, daily maintenance and repair of maintenance and repair shall be conducted by professional engineers. 1, grounding protection system should have good continuity, to ensure personal safety. 2, the circuit breaker, contactor, single phase or three phase arcing elements such as regular inspection. Whether such as connection is loose, the noise is too big, find out the reason and eliminate hidden dangers. 3, to ensure normal operation of the cooling fan in electric cabinet, otherwise it may cause damage of elements. 4, fusing, air switch frequent trip, should be timely find out the reason and ruled out. 5, servo drive, battery replacement absolute system data on servo drive battery, when the battery voltage is too low, Warning 9 f) Situations, drive batteries need to be replaced, please place your order as soon as possible the same model battery unit, and keep the drive power on. Please replace the battery of 30 minutes before turn on the power of the drive unit, complete replacement battery within 1 hour. Seven, battery replacement step 1, confirm the input power supply has been cut OFF, and replaced by the drive unit of the power is OFF. 2, pull out and drive unit connected to the battery socket of the battery plug. 3, with your fingertips to press the battery side, horizontal pushing the battery and then remove. 4, the new battery plug is connected to a drive unit battery socket. 5, installation of the battery to the drive unit. Above is the small make up today for everyone to share precision machinery parts processing equipment should be how to maintain the entire contents of the, the hope can help you, welcome to yuan, we will regularly for you about the related content of precision machinery parts processing.
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