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Precision machine tools in the machining process we must do before?

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-19
For complex composite forming without mould manufacturing key technologies and equipment of mechanical processing surface quality on the performance of parts use the three aspects of influence? In the machining process to reduce the thermal deformation caused by the error in the system of process generally must first fully cooling, reduce temperature rise; Carry on the processing machine tools in the thermal equilibrium state; Under the condition of constant temperature for precision machining. All must be empty before processing preheating operation for a period of time, after being to reach thermal equilibrium state, then carry on the processing. Because in the thermal deformation of precision machine tools influence on machining precision is more obvious. Due to the volume of a machine tool, and quality is bigger, so from the beginning up to its temperature basically remain unchanged, which meet the thermal equilibrium state, take a long time. Deformation of machine tool in the process of heating up continues, more difficult to control the workpiece machining dimension.
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