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Precision grinding machine processing technology

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-17
More grinding based on high speed rotating abrasive, abrasive, Such as grinding wheel) On the surface of the workpiece processing. Grinding belong to the finishing on the mechanical, processing capacity, high precision. Grinding is used for machining of inside and outside, conical surface, plane, cylinder screw, spline, gear and other special and complex molding surface. Due to grinding grain hardness, abrasive self-sharpening resistance, thus grinding can be used for processing various materials, including hardening steel, alloy steel, hard alloy, glass, pottery and porcelain and marble high hardness metal and nonmetal materials. Grinding inside cylindrical grinding, grinding, plane grinding and centerless grinding. Cylindrical grinding on the main outer grinder, to external cylindrical grinding axial parts, grinding, the workpiece rotation at low speed, if the workpiece at the same time make the vertical reciprocating movement and vertical movement of grinding wheel relative to the workpiece after each single stroke or double stroke transverse feed, it is called a longitudinal grinding method; If the wheel width greater than the grinding surface length, the workpiece does not need to make vertical reciprocating movement, called plunge-cut grinding method. Cut into the grinding efficiency is higher than the longitudinal grinding method. The main grinder, grinding, universal cylindrical grinder or jig grinding machine, main grinding workpiece bore cylindrical, cone and end face, generally USES the longitudinal grinding method, the grinding forming grinding method can be used to cut into the inner surface. On the jig grinding machine grinding inner hole, the workpiece is fixed on the workbench, grinding wheel except for high-speed rotation, also around the hole centerline of planetary motion. Surface grinding is mainly on the surface grinding machine grinding, grooves, etc. , it is divided into two kinds: with the grinding wheel grinding, cylindrical grinding surface is called peripheral called face grinding with grinding wheel face grinding. Is conducted on centerless grinder, centerless grinding to external cylindrical grinding workpiece, the grinding, the workpiece without top centering and support, but in between grinding wheel and the wheel, by its at the bottom of the plate bearing, and driven by wheel rotation. When the wheel axis and the grinding wheel axis adjustment into 1 to 6 ° oblique, artifacts can rotate while automatically along the axial feed movement, known as through grinding, it is only applicable to grinding the outer cylinder. Grinding of grinding speed is high, the temperature is high, can obtain higher accuracy and surface roughness of the small, it can not only processing of soft materials, such as not hardened steel, cast iron and nonferrous metal, but also machining hardened steel, and other items can't hard material, such as porcelain, hard alloy, etc. Grinding the cutting depth is small, during a stroke can remove metal layer is very thin, when grinding out a large number of fine grinding, grinding wheel on the workpiece on the fly out of a large number of metal cutting, easy to cause harm to people. Note: (grinding processing 1) Before driving the machine overhaul, including operating mechanism, electrical equipment and magnetic chuck, etc. After checking for lubrication, and then test, to ensure normal before use; ( 2) To card is, clamping workpiece, at the start of the application of manual control mode, the grinding wheel slowly close to the workpiece, start feeding to small, not too hard and to prevent the grinding wheel collision. ( 3) Replacing grinding wheel, must first appearance inspection, look to whether have trauma, with a wooden hammer or sticks to hit, requires no crack crisp. Install the wheel must be conducted in accordance with the provisions, or ask, static balance debugging after the installation, commissioning, everything is all right to use; ( 4) Operators work, should wear protective glasses, dressing grinding wheel balancing to prevent the collision, measuring work-piece, wipe the machine tools will be made after the downtime, magnetic chuck, disk, artifacts should be rub-up, tight, the fast absorption, can add block iron when necessary, to prevent the shift of the artifacts or fly out; ( 5) After the operator to stop working, shall be immediately closed car, ban grinding wheel used in unmanned, under a state of neglect; ( 6) Each part of the homework finished, should keep clear of wear debris, will all the parts ( Especially the sliding parts) After wiping clean oil and rust on the necessary parts.
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