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Precision CNC parts processing process

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-19
In the field of mechanical processing industry, spare parts of nc machining is index control, will need to first processing drawings programming written into the program, and then connect the computer to CNC machine tool parts processing, through the programming to order spare parts of nc machine tool operation, complete the precision parts processing. CNC parts processing is mainly suitable for small batch and mass variety spare parts processing, CNC parts machining accuracy is very high, so in the service of different industries precision parts processing. Take a look at CNC parts machining process. 。 。 First before the nc parts must see clear content of the technological process, and machining to know the location, shape, various sizes of drawings and know its process. Processing of raw materials should be measured before the clamping billet size conformed to the drawings requirements, must carefully check whether the display is consistent with the programming instructions. After completion of processing rough machining shall promptly carry out self-inspection, there is an error to the data in a timely manner to adjust. The location of the self-check content mainly for processing parts size. ( 1) If there's any loose for mechanical parts processing process; ( 2) Parts processing process is properly touch starting point; ( 3) The part of the CNC parts processing to the reference edge ( Reference point) The size of the conformed to the drawings requirements; ( 4) The position of the size CNC parts machining parts to each other. After inspecting position size to measure the shape of the feet (rough machining Except for circular arc) 。 After rough machining parts precision work after confirmation. Before finishing the drawings into the shape of the parts size self-checking: machining parts of vertical plane to check its basic aspect dimension; Cant processing parts drawings marked on the basis of size measurement. Complete parts self-checking, confirmation of consistent with drawings and technical requirements to remove the artifacts to send inspector ZhuanJian. When meeting CNC parts processing small batch parts processing, must first after confirm qualified batch processing. Above is small make up for CNC parts processing process, thank you so much for attention. If you have for CNC parts processing, precision parts processing if you have any questions, please contact:
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