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Perspective analysis purposes - shape corresponding to that of milling cutter Co. , LTD.

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-03
Different shapes of cutting tools with different purposes. Let's take a look at the shape corresponding to that of a variety of purposes. Almost all of the milling cutter can be used to carry out the traditional low speed milling, but when be used for fast cutting and high speed cutting of more travel or 'high performance' application, all kinds of cutting tools is important for the performance of the differences between. Special shape of cutting tool have special purposes. This article introduces some techniques how to effectively use different shape tool. Here when it comes to the four basic tool widely used in 3 d milling and copying milling, but in the wide range of USES has a lot of special application, a specific tool may have higher efficiency. At least one of a few knives is worth considering in some usually can't use in your application. Square shoulder vertical milling cutter for using the shoulder in the understanding of the end mill is very important that when cutting the heat generated by the blade is easy to accumulate in the party. In high speed milling, in order to slow down the corner of the knife cutting heat and cause the wear too fast, may have to reduce the cutting speed. In the milling of hardened metal, only when the tip is suitable for the use of this tool is not involved in cutting. Such as fine milling flat parts of vertical wall surface. In the milling without heat treatment of metal, typical applications include vertical wall rough milling and fine milling. To have the shoulder blade edge of end milling cutter and the square shoulder blade edge endmill allows higher cutting speed, this is because the cutting heat can be spread to a larger area on a tool. Of square and round blade shoulder vertical milling cutter, the cutting tool typical applications include without heat treatment of the vertical wall of the metal rough milling and fine milling. In addition, the tool can also be used to fine milling after the heat treatment of metal vertical wall, whether flat. If to be processed into small arc, also can use the type tool root. Circle point of the shoulder of the milling cutter and the other application is cycloid machining. This is a kind of tool path with fixed arc radius as cycloid feed continuously. ( See left-hand chart) Angle of the square shoulder milling cutter can only be used for no at the bottom of the cycloid machining, round blade side shoulder milling cutter can be for a variety of cutting depth cycloid machining. As shown in onion parody, bull nose knife shape is different. Don't keep cow nose knife and a confused multiple round blade profile milling cutter. Round blade profile milling cutter does have important USES, but due to have more than one blade, the cutting tool does not have a cow nose knife with the machining accuracy. Cow nose knife used for medium range of cutting speed and high cutting load under rough milling cavity and core. And bull nose knife better one purpose is fine milling plane, including the parting surface. Ball end milling cutter, in my opinion, the ball milling cutter head is the most common tool in high speed machining. Ball end milling cutter can be used for rough machining any cavity, core and 3 d shape. They are also available to all hardness is within the scope of any materials for finish machining. Because the ball can make the heat generated by the large absorption into the cutting tool, cutting and other cutting tool than this tool allows higher cutting speed. It also allows a larger cutting depth, because at the time of high rigid spherical cutter can make larger cutting force components towards the spindle, and toward the side when the poor rigidity. For the same reason, reduce the tool vibration, helps to control heat further. If this kind of cutting tool in cutting speed and cutting depth advantages of combined consideration, ball head milling cutter article other than cutter has higher rate of metal cutting. After the heat treatment of materials for rough milling, ball milling cutter head is often the first choice of the cutting tool. If you need a small radius, you can then choose other types of cutter to clear the root Angle. On slot milling, milling cavity and milling stiffener, often using cylindrical vertical milling cutter, because this kind of tool the shape seems to, and these characteristics of each kind of shape matching. But in fact, the ball milling cutter head is also qualified for the above tasks. For example, if choose ball head milling cutter for machining a deep groove ( Whether pass trough or closed slot) , can use shallow slope and contour milling typical high speed milling machining technology. Through this method than using cylindrical vertical milling cutter in milling processing groove is much faster. And of other parts of the wall might have better straightness and vertical degree, as opposed to using extended cylinder mill bending usually lead to taper. To strengthen the similar method can be used for processing. In 5 inches long, 2 inches of P20 steel milling on the application of 3/4 inch wide slot. Parts among some intermittent cutting phase penetration hole. Way to use the original milling processing six slots need 30 minutes, not including the rough milling time. But using the ball milling cutter head and combined with high speed machining technology, after six slots including rough milling and fine milling has only takes 10 minutes.
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