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Our super precision optical parts processing technology into - the world's leading industrial

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-07
Today, the reporter understands from national university of defense technology, mechanical and electrical engineering and automation institute of independent research and development of a new generation of ultra precision optical parts processing equipment has passed the relevant unit technology evaluation of the organization. Results show that the set of equipment of machining accuracy achieved great breakthrough for the nanometer level, typical specimen optical components of the root mean square root value reached 0. 361 nm, which indicates that the super precision optical parts processing technology has entered the ranks of the world's leading. Ultra-precision machining technology bottleneck is the key to the advanced equipment manufacturing technology, has been hailed as the ultra precision machining technology and nanometer precision 'crown jewels'. In the past, because our country optical parts processing technology behind, will not be able to process the large diameter, high precision, complex surface in the shape of optical accessories, severely restricted the technical progress of related fields. In sheng-yi li, since the 1980 s, under the leadership of professor, after more than 30 years of hard working and independent innovation, precision engineering university innovation team broke through the high precision machine tool precision motion mechanism design, efficient magnetorheological polishing fluid preparation, ion beam stability control, optical element and the nanometer all band core key technology such as error control. Developed a series of magnetorheological with independent intellectual property rights and the ion beam polishing equipment, breaking the developed countries technology blockade of ultra precision machining equipment, make China after America and Germany to master two high precision optical parts processing technology. In recent years, in the key state science and technology projects 'large scale integrated circuit manufacturing equipment and complete process' and the support of national natural science funds, precision engineering, the university innovation team developed a new generation of ion beam polishing machine tools and CNC fairing polishing machine, minimum controllable material removal volume of 0. 1 nm。 Relevant experts pointed out that the independent innovation achievements for the large scale integrated circuit manufacturing equipment and complete sets of technology ', 'high resolution earth observation system' and other major national science and technology projects to provide strong technical support and equipment support, and will directly promote the related key technologies in the field of breakthrough, is of great significance to improve the level of advanced equipment manufacturing in China.
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