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Numerical control lathe processing in daily production should pay attention to what matters

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-14
More now in the field of machining, because of the new type of numerical control lathe processing compared with traditional lathe processing, has many advantages, so it is increasingly widely used, but the device is a kind of machine, electricity, liquid, gas, microelectronics and so on many kinds of technical equipment, malfunction, ruled out, has the certain difficulty of repair and maintenance. This requires the operator to pay attention to when using CNC lathe prevention, so as to reduce the risk of failure, improve the utilization efficiency of CNC lathe. A CNC lathe processing, before using, according to the numerical control lathe using environment of technical requirements for installation, the machine should be placed in a relatively dust-free, constant temperature and humidity. Although it is hard to do, but try to create a heavenly sword, as far as possible close to the use of such environment. In addition, in the machine after the installation is complete, under the condition of normal use, also must pay attention to the following content: the machine before use, inspection on nc lathe, can reduce the malfunction in use process to produce the machine, impact the production. ( 1) Before electricity, check the appearance of the nc machine tools, electrical line and some external auxiliary equipment, if there were any abnormal situation. Especially the external auxiliary equipment: with hydraulic system of pump station, to observe whether the amount of hydraulic oil is enough; With a pneumatic system, to conduct regular air compressor, the drainage of gas pressure vessel, excessive moisture, prevent the deposited deposited within the airflow leads into the machine, cause the corrosion of parts, or even damage. ( 2) Electricity, according to the normal electricity order: machine tools - total power Power supply - CNC system Power supply - servo system Loosen the stop button, and reduce the impact on the numerical control system of electrical components, prolong service life. ( 3) After electrify, lubrication is any moving parts keep normal trajectory and reduce friction and improve the service life of the indispensable important condition. This is the request we must pay attention to check whether the amount of lubricating oil in the lubricating system is enough, lack of timely supplement, and regularly check whether liquid filter blockage, check whether the oil is unobstructed, the point is normal with lubricating oil outflow. This kind of problem if found, must be timely treatment. Machine tool guide rail, screw and other moving parts, if not work under the state of the lubricating oil, on the one hand can increase the friction resistance, increase the power consumption of machine tools, and waste of electric energy, on the other hand will accelerate the wear of moving parts, affecting the precision of the machine tool, affect the quality of the workpiece processing. 2, in use, in the process of numerical control lathe processing, should be strict controls on its use parameter range, otherwise it may cause damage to machine tool, such as: machining center, CNC lathe is placed on the working table of assistive devices such as workpiece and fixture shall not exceed the maximum bearing of the workbench, otherwise it will cause damage to motion guide rail; Try not to overload cutting force, otherwise it will cause damage to actuator, failure, more serious burn due to the large current down the main shaft motor or feed shaft, etc. At the same time, to avoid the natural frequency of machine tool, in order to prevent to produce resonance, influence machining precision, and even cause damage of cutting tool, machine tool parts. In machine tool use, we can give full play to our senses, to hear, touch, see, smell, etc. , to find and solve problems in a timely manner. ( 1) Listen to the sound, when the machine running, there will be a certain sound, but we also should pay attention to whether there is abnormal sound, such as: 'the voice of the tube leakage, lubrication system on clicking click & quot; Sudden changes in the voice, tool cutting 'make cheep & quot; And so on, appear this kind of abnormal sound, be sure to stop in time, prevent the worsening. ( 2) Touch the temperature of the machine tools, machine tool at runtime, there is a certain temperature is normal, because the operation process of the existence of friction effect, so as to generate heat, in general, when reaches a certain time, the machine's operation can achieve the balance of heat, which is basic maintain a constant temperature, in roughly 50 - 60 degrees, if on specialty, dare not stay, shows that when the temperature is high, should check whether the lubrication is adequate.
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