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Numerical control lathe - of advantages and disadvantages of mechanical parts processing enterprises industrial

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-04
Numerical control lathe on the adaptability of processing object is very strong, because when machining parts, CNC lathe change new parts can only be processed by reprogramming. It is different from the traditional lathe. It does not need to manufacture, many tools, fixture and measuring tool need to change, and it is not necessary to readjust the lathe. Therefore, numerical control lathe can quickly from machining one part to another part, for single piece and small batch and trial-manufacture of new products provides a great convenience, not only shorten the production preparation cycle, and save the cost of a large number of cutting tool. Second, numerical control lathe machining precision is high. In the pulse equivalent of CNC equipment ( Namely after each pulse output corresponding movement of nc lathe in the moving parts) Generally can reach 0. 001 mm, and numerical control equipment can be made of the backlash of feed transmission chain and the pitch error, so the numerical control lathe can gain higher machining precision and quality stability. It depends on the necessary measures taken in the design of numerical control lathe structure and mechanical and electrical characteristics. First of all, the structure adopts the structure of ball nut and to eliminate all kinds of clearance structure, minimize the error of mechanical transmission. Second, reduce the influence of artificial factors on the machining accuracy. These measures not only ensures the high machining accuracy, and ensure the stability of high machining quality. Third, the effective parts of processing time enclosed manipulation time and auxiliary time. Numerical control lathe can effectively reduce the two parts of time, so the machining efficiency is much higher than ordinary lathe. Drive spindle speed and feed range is bigger than ordinary lathe, each process can choose the most appropriate cutting parameters. At the same time, good structure rigidity also enables CNC lathe cutting strength of cutting parameters, save the operation time effectively. Numerical control lathe rapid movement and positioning of the moving parts adopt measures acceleration and deceleration, and select the high idle stroke. Compared with the ordinary lathe, fast forward, fast back and much less time needed for positioning. Numerical control lathe machining accuracy is not stable, generally only need in the first article inspection and sampling inspection carried out on the key size between process, thus reducing downtime the test of time. Using knife library and automatic tool change device of machine tool numerical control turning center, an implementation of multiple processes continuous processing, shorten the semi-finished products turnaround time, improve production efficiency. Using the numerical control lathe processing parts, with good economic benefits for each parts of equipment cost is relatively high, but in the case of a single small batch production, can save cost of processing equipment, auxiliary production time cost and scrap rate, production management, so as to achieve good economic benefits.
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