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Numerical control lathe machining and parts processing enterprise development trend

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-10
More with the development of 30 years, our country's parts processing and CNC lathe processing enterprises in the technology, equipment and so on various aspects have been a qualitative leap. But our country is in economic transition period, and parts processing, CNC lathe processing industry will inevitably to the transformation and upgrading. Let's to discuss the future development trend of numerical control lathe processing industry: 1. Enterprises enhance technical research and development capabilities and technical upgrading in order to realize the upgrade of the industry. Enhance the capacity of independent innovation, accelerate the establishment with enterprise as the main body, the combination of production, technology innovation system. 2. Specify the more precise numerical control lathe machining technology standards. 3. Cultivate leading enterprises, improve the industry standard, is the enterprise can gain more advantages in the international market competition. In the process, to the basic elimination of high energy consumption and high pollution enterprises. 4. Encourage large enterprises pay special attention to quality management, the establishment of a high level of laboratory equipped with advanced professional testing instruments, and used for routine quality control. Five to expand Chinese brand visibility in the international market, strive for more chinese-made tools products into foreign high-end market; At the same time, improve the share of domestic high-end products.
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