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Numerical control lathe clamping, must pay attention to the problem!

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-10
Select rational cutting parameter, cutting parameter ap、f、v) Choose whether reasonable, to give full play to the potential for machine tool and cutting performance, cutting tool to realize high quality, high yield, low cost and safety operation has the very important role. As much as possible the rough turning, you consider to choose a large amount of turning the ap, then choose a larger feeding f, finally determine a suitable cutting speed v. Increase back turning ap can reduce number of feed, increase feed f is advantageous to the chip breaker, so choose according to the above principles rough turning cutting parameter to improve the production efficiency, reduce tool consumption, reduce the manufacturing cost is beneficial. Finish turning, machining accuracy and surface roughness of the demand is higher, not machining allowance and relatively uniform, so choose to finish turning cutting dosage, should focus on how to guarantee the machining quality, and on this basis to improve productivity as much as possible. So fine car should choose small ( But not too small) Turning ap and feed back f, and selection of cutting tool materials of high performance and reasonable geometric parameters, as far as possible to improve the cutting speed v. Experience with selecting cutters 1) Rough turning, should choose high strength, good durability knives, in order to meet the big car large turning, feed back; 2) Fine cars, want to choose high precision, durability, good cutting tool, to ensure the machining accuracy of requirements. ; 3) To reduce the changeover time and convenient for the knife, should try to use machine knives and machine clip blade. Choose the jig 1) Choose general fixture clamping workpiece as far as possible, avoid using special fixture; 2) Parts locating datum coincidence, in order to reduce the positioning error. Determine the machining route route is index control machining process, the movement and direction of the tool relative parts: 1) Should be able to guarantee machining accuracy and surface roughness requirements; 2) Should as far as possible to shorten processing route, reduce tool empty travel time. Processing route and machining allowance at present, in the numerical control lathe has not yet reached its widespread use condition, the general should be put on the blank allowance too much, especially including forging, casting hard cortex arrangement on the ordinary lathe machining allowance. If must use CNC lathe processing, attention should be given to the flexible arrangement of the program. The hydraulic clamping and hydraulic clamping fixture installation points cylinder connections are realized by pull rod. Hydraulic clamping clip critical points are as follows: first, using the nut on the move hand off the hydraulic oil cylinder, tubing, and from the spindle backend, reoccupy move hand chuck fixed screw, can unload chuck.
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