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Non-standard parts processing will be used to handle?

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-11
In non-standard parts processing, all kinds of knives in their respective nc knives, strict in accordance with the requirements on choosing tools and Ann knife position anytime and anywhere, so must choose standard handle, easy to make the drilling, boring, expansion, cutting process using standard tools such as quickly and accurately in a lathe spindle or nc knives, software programmers should grasp the structure of the commonly used on nc lathe handle standard, adjustment method and adjustment, easy to clear when programming tool of axial and radial standards. In our country, using the most throughout is the handle and the nail BT40 and BT50 series products. Non-standard parts processing center of commonly used the handle: made things handle, spring collet chuck handle, strong grip, face milling cutter handle, the side and face milling cutter handle, the side face type handle, Morse taper shank, drill chuck handle, tap chuck handle, integral handles. None of the tooling system software is universal. Designed for high speed precision parts processing process and create the handle will generally shortage of efficient processing need stiffness and compressive strength, for example, roughing MAO embryo casting parts. For rough machining of the handle, in turn, generally shortage of rotor dynamic balance, this kind of rotor dynamic balance can make the handle in the depth of processing technological process of high speed and stable operation. In addition, the handle of the rough machining bulky and big volume for robust design may limit its reach the detailed or deeper parts characteristics. And difficult to machining materials is necessary to improve the compressive strength and stiffness of the handle. In addition, the handle of the suspension working ability and the coolant delivery work ability is also the key selection criteria. Applications are not suitable for the handle will form the standard deviation and parts damaged, and lathe spindle too much damage, rupture risk to improve the service life of the cutting tool cuts and tools. In the vital work, cheap and fine the handle may form a satisfactory result. But must be fine degree of repeated the process, especially the expensive products artifacts damaged cut parts of gross margin, project centered on using the high quality of the handle to lower the cost of prevent accidental harm in the class. Is the interpretation of the above will be used to handle in the non-standard parts processing, hope can help you, if you want to learn more about dongguan fine machining information, welcome to the online consulting service or call the company service hotline ( Website top right corner) For consultation, we will supply the high quality service for you with all sincerity!
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