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New infrastructure capacity, CNC machining parts

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-09-29
With the technological revolution and industry revolution, the connotation and extension of new infrastructure is not invariable, chain blocks, Internet of things in recent are on the plate of new infrastructure, for CNC parts processing industry, new infrastructure projects fall to the ground, will also bring a wave to our traditional manufacturing industry, new areas of precision parts processing orders must be necessary. In fact, in 2019 the new 5 g of infrastructure construction has just started layout, ningbo precision machining industry saw the opportunity, whether it's 5 g mobile phone, or 5 g base stations, a lot of ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer share the new infrastructure head with her soup, 5 g base station in the next few years will maintain strong demand. However, for our traditional nc parts processing manufacturing, or grounded, completes the labor of duty, improve precision parts processing technology, to better serve customers in the field of new infrastructure. We can't use the traditional view of the new infrastructure, information infrastructure, integration of infrastructure, the innovation for the application of new technology infrastructure is needed. As the saying goes, a knife is not your job. A few years ago, why many ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises to resist pressure to promote transformation and upgrading, to system transformation, precision parts processing production line is in response to manufacturing a new development environment. New infrastructure expansion after the field is very broad, but the CNC parts processing orders would be left to the prepared manufacturers!
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