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Mould processing method of the error

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-04-10
A mold processing error precision parts processing factory about it. Mould processing error method of selecting the appropriate fine grinding wheel is very important, in view of the condition of the die steel with high vanadium high molybdenum, choose GD is suitable for single crystal corundum grinding wheel, when processing hard alloy, high quenching hardness of materials, the priority of using organic binder of diamond grinding wheel, since the organic binder grinding wheel grinding, grinding the workpiece roughness of Ra0. 2μ M, in recent years, with the application of new materials, CBN ( Cubic boron nitride) Grinding wheel shows very good processing effect, jig grinding machine, grinding wheel is better than other species. In grinding, attention should be paid to timely dressing grinding wheel, keep the wheel sharp, when grinding wheel after passivation can slip on the workpiece surface wipe, extrusion, surface caused by burns, strength decrease. 1, the rational use of cooling lubricant, cooling, washing, lubrication should play the role of the big three, keep clean, cooling and lubrication to control the grinding heat within the scope of the permit, to prevent thermal deformation. Improve the cooling conditions when grinding, such as by oil immersion wheel or inner cooling grinding wheel and other measures. The cutting fluid into the center of the grinding wheel, cutting fluid can be directly into the grinding zone, give play to the role of effective cooling, prevent the workpiece surface burn. 2, precision metal stamping mould processing after the heat treatment quenching stress reduced to a minimum, because quenching stress, reticular tissue under the action of the grinding force, carbide organization transformation to make the workpiece to produce crack. For precision metal stamping mold in order to eliminate the residual stress of the grinding, the grinding should be done after aging treatment of metal in order to improve the toughness at low temperature. 3, eliminate grinding stress can also will die in 260 ~ 315 ℃ in the salt bath soak 1. 5 min, and then in 30 ℃ oil cooling, so can drop 1 HRC hardness, residual stress reduced by 40% ~ 65%. 4, for the size tolerance in 0. 01 mm within the precision metal stamping mold precision grinding attention should be paid to the influence of environment temperature, requires constant temperature grinding. The calculation shows that 300 mm long steel, temperature 3 ℃, the material has 10. 8μ The change of m, ( 10. 8 = 1. 2× 3× 3, each 100 mm 1 deformation. 2μ m/℃) , the machining process are required to fully consider the influence of this factor. Such as the need to learn more about precision parts processing factory of the latest news, please click into our website: https://www. henryparts。 com/
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