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Mold etching technology and the technology application of chemical oil removal

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-04-11
Ningbo given yuan precision etching technology should be mechanical products for many years, summed up the mould etched in the mold making process, the importance of mold etching technology has two methods: ( 1) Use the immersion etching; ( 2) The etching etching liquid injected into the mold cavity are investigated. Etching no matter adopt what kind of way, etching liquid formula is the key, should not only keep the etching speed rapid, and the etched surface smooth and against the destruction of the etching ink. For plastic mold etching commonly used formula is to use graphics to nitric acid, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid to employ three acid etching fluid, this formula etching speed moderate, after etching the surface smoothness is good, stable etching solution can be used long-term preservation, at the same time the etching agent for most corrosion resistant ink has good security. Chemical degreasing cleaning method can more effectively to the mold surface cleaning, organic solvent cleaning cost is low at the same time, high safety, but the equipment investment is larger, the bigger the mould also need to be driving in the cleaning process. Chemical degreasing process: die by the closed - Clean protective oil in advance - Pack hang - Chemical degreasing - Hot water washing - The secondary flow water - Pickling - Level 3 flow water - Self-checking degreasing effect - Passivation - Level 3 flow water - Hot water washing - Dry - Under - Turn corrosion protective layer.
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