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Mobile phone CNC machining parts, unafraid to blockade the United States

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-05
Precision machining industry in ningbo, the mobile phone OEM production are commonplace, with CNC machining parts 3 d drawings, processing the product is not a problem, but the high-end handset CNC parts, machining parts in ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer didn't, because we simply can't get the key technology. Ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises such as many help apple mobile phone in the United States, South Korea's samsung mobile phone OEM production, most are part of the production of common parts, back then and foreign procurement of key parts for assembly, we from the independent production of smartphone is the key step, or is it finishing, easy to stuck his neck. Many domestic mobile phone are growing up in the learning process, so need to enterprise procurement over there from the United States every year tens of billions of dollars of key parts. But since since the outbreak of a trade war with China, has been banned in the United States several Chinese mobile phone business enterprise purchase key parts from the United States, in an attempt to stifle the enterprise smartphone business in China. Ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises, however, was not startled by the ban, from these mistakes and unswervingly taking the path of independent research and development, strive to overcome key core components of mobile technology, with independent intellectual property rights of a new generation of intelligent mobile phone has been successfully listed, CNC machining parts of ningbo power, cell phone has let us see the competition!
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