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Metal stamping mould maintenance knowledge

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-04-14
Metal stamping mould maintenance knowledge for a long time use will reduce the accuracy of precision metal stamping mold, precision metal stamping mold parts will appear problem, so must make appropriate maintenance, precision parts processing factory for you about. In the production of common stamping adverse phenomenon, the reasons and countermeasures analysis as follows. Precision metal stamping mold maintenance is needed to prolong service life, in the process of precision metal stamping mold maintenance, should pay attention to the following: 1: precision metal stamping die for a long time after use must edge grinding, grinding blade surface must be carried out after the demagnetization, not with magnetism, otherwise prone to plugging material. 2: spring elastic parts in use process such as spring the most easily damaged, usually appear fracture and deformation phenomenon. To take is to change, it is important to note that in the process of change of the specifications of the spring and models, the specifications of the spring and model identified by color, diameter and length of the three, only under the condition of the three are the same can be replaced. 3: precision metal stamping mold punch in use process is easy to appear the phenomenon of break, bend and break, set of is usually to break. The punch and impact damage is generally with the same specifications of the parts for replacement. The parameters of the punch are mainly work parts size, installation size, length, size, etc. 4: fastening parts, check whether the fastening parts is loose, damage phenomenon, way is to find the same specifications of the spare parts for replacement. 5: pressure parts such as pressure plate, optimal force glue, such as unloading parts such as stripper, pneumatic lifter, etc. Check the parts when maintenance relationship with accessories, and presence of damage, and to repair the damaged part, pneumatic lifter for leakage phenomenon, and take measures of concrete conditions. Such as damage of tracheal replacement. 6: preview on a regular basis to keep bright and smooth, rust. Such as the need to learn more about precision parts processing factory of the latest news, please click into our website: https://www. henryparts。 com/
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