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Metal processing technology's influence on the quality

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-18
More what is hardware? Traditional hardware when five metals, but now the hardware is referring to metal. Metal processing is the metal from the raw materials, raw materials, through a variety of unique process or machine made of various parts, hardware accessories, decorative accessories, etc. The hardware processing technology for metal quality what is the effect? Introduce to you the following: metal processing technology is divided into two kinds, cold and hot working, cold working is metal matrix was no change in the processing, including cars, milling, grinding, stamping, plating, etc. Whereas the hot working process is the base structure have changed. Casting, hot rolling, forging, welding, metal heat treatment, etc. Hardware different process affect different aspects of the hardware quality, for example, the influence of the alloys represented by pressure diecasting metal internal organization and performance of the process; The influence of the size of the process represented by stamping; Affect the appearance of represented by polishing and electroplating process; Represented by numerical control machine tool automation production process; There are represented by lines of assembly process; The last is a delegate with intelligent lock product testing process. The influence of different process on metal processing quality is different, so the only has more than ten years experience in the production of professional production of metal products, the quality and the quality is stable. Shenzhen love gain with the most outstanding professional experience in more than ten years of professional and technical personnel. Professional quality worthy of your trust. Shenzhen, shenzhen yuan gives the mechanical processing plants, precision parts processing, mechanical processing, CNC numerical control processing, internal and external circular grinding processing factory, precision machinery parts processing, precision machinery parts processing, aluminum alloy processing, CNC machining parts, precision metal parts processing, non-standard parts processing plants, titanium alloy processing plant
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