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Metal parts processing factory tell you cylindrical surface processing methods in common use

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-06
More hardware parts factory tell you cylindrical surface processing methods: what we call the cylindrical surface, for example, is the solid of revolution, which generally refers to parts of axial and the main surface plate of class. The surface of the cylindrical general often use the method of nc machining are turning and grinding and finishing machining method. Turning because it cutting layer is thick and feeding is bigger so now became the most economic and efficient cylindrical surface numerical control lathe machining method, although it also can has high machining precision and machining quality, however, is from this perspective, the precision it is suitable for roughing and semi-finishing. Grinding due to its higher cutting speed, cutting the amount is relatively small, is the most main cylindrical surface nc machining method, suitable for all kinds of the hardness of materials. To light the whole process is to be carried out after finishing the super precision processing method, suitable for some is very tall to the requirement of precision and surface quality of parts.
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