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Metal etching technology application and development

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-04-09
Metal etching technology in ningbo and other regions have a wide range of applications. Metal etching technology products are widely used in: electronics, personal care, sensor, measurement precision metal, semiconductor, optical, communications engineering, medical, automotive, aviation, petrochemical industry, military industry, precision engineering application, etc. Etching application in electronics industry: status: electronic product life cycle is short, listed accelerated dramatically, heterogenous, small batch, at the same time the product accuracy tolerance within microns, the traditional manufacturing process can't satisfy the want to click open the link. Innovation: ningbo yuan given precision by using digital and modular mould, shortening the production time in hours, at any time to modify and change the design, the mold of the initial cost is reduced greatly, and low risk product development match, again through its manufacturing technology, technology integration innovation, can create the customer in the production of the required precision components. Etching etching products are: IC lead frame, sealing ceramic cover, encoder, copier static elimination charged, dust-proof net, smoke alarm with insect nets, contact, medical and diaphragm metal etching, metal etching etching, etching stainless steel products, mechanical products. Ningbo yuan precision
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