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Medical CNC parts processing, the orders continuously

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-13
This year, the tables have turned in medical CNC parts processing. Since the epidemic prevention and control, a lot of ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory are busy around, medical equipment orders, first rush to purchase domestic customers, and now foreign customers crowded broken head, especially the United States customers, arrange production are really for us. American customers also have no a way, the United States is now the epicenter of the outbreak, infections ranked first in the world, such as breathing machine shortage of medical apparatus and instruments, medical CNC parts processing capacity can't keep up with, this time can only help in China, ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory has become the first choice for their cooperation, because we are long-term partners. For medical devices such as mechanical parts processing orders, a lot of ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises are very experienced. Export markets in the United States, has always been the focus of many domestic suppliers before, just because the U. S. tariffs on his stick, make a lot of cooperation are stalled. We have been looking forward to restart, didn't think of is the new virus helped us. CNC parts processing enterprises in the United States are thought of their production, but a lot of capacity to keep up with, upstream and downstream of the resources and the pearl river delta CNC parts processing industry cluster effect is couldn't compete, produced by many us companies have abandoned their own ideas, to purchase in the Chinese market, can not only ensure time, more can guarantee quality, this is our comparative advantage.
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