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Mechanical processing plant equipment general safety requirements

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-22
More one, the first is the requirement of control mechanism: 1, for the mechanical processing equipment, should be set up to prevent accidental starting and dangerous protection device, to do so and to protect the safety of the operator. 2, control line to ensure that won't produce risk after the line is damaged. 3, if is automatic or semi-automatic control system, then on the function requirement, can ensure that eliminate the risk of accident or sets protection device. 4, if the power is in the process of working equipment accidentally cut off, when braking and clamping the two actions cannot interrupt; When the power is in again, equipment can not start automatically. Second, the security requirements for mechanical processing equipment, mainly including: the requirements of shenzhen machinery plant main structure, the requirement of control mechanism, the requirement of the protective device and to meet the requirements of inspection and repair the four part, because of the large mechanical processing contains a lot of content, on this part of contents, and contains a lot of knowledge, the following is to specific classification introduced one by one. Mechanical processing equipment must have enough strength, stiffness, stability and safety coefficient and life, to ensure the safety of person and equipment, concrete has: 1, material: materials used in mechanical processing equipment itself should conform to the requirements of the safety and health, are not allowed to use harmful to human body materials and without the health and safety inspection of materials. 2, appearance: the appearance of mechanical processing equipment structure should level off is smooth, as far as possible to avoid sharp Angle and edge. 3, processing zones: every processing area prone to accidents of equipment, effective protective measures should be taken; Protective measures shall ensure that equipment in working condition to prevent body as part of the operating personnel enter the danger zone, or come into the danger zone to ensure equipment can't work ( Line) Or for emergency braking. About mechanical processing equipment work position requirements: 1, the working position of mechanical processing equipment, should be safe and reliable, and shall ensure that operators of head, hands, arms, legs and feet have to psychological and physiological requirements of enough activity space. 2, machinery processing equipment should be preferred to facilitate adjustment work chair, in order to increase operation personnel are comfortable and convenient for operation. 3, the working position of mechanical processing equipment, should guarantee the safety of operators and platform and channel must be prevented slippery, when necessary, set the pedal and the rail, platform and the rail must be in line with GB 4053. 4 GB 4053。 The rules of the three. 4, mechanical processing equipment should be equipped with safety voltage of local lighting device. Four, about mechanical processing equipment moving parts requirements: 1, who is easy to cause the movement part of injury accident shall be closed or blocked, or take other operators to avoid contact of protective measures. 2, according to operators stand plane as a benchmark, all within 2 m in height of various protective device, transmission device must be set height above 2 m material transfer device and belt transmission device should be set protective device. 3, to avoid squeezing damage, linear or straight line between the moving parts in the moving parts and the distance between the stationary part must conform to the rules. 4, reliable mechanical processing equipment should be set according to need of limit switch. 5, mechanical processing equipment have to damage of parts that may occur due to the overload set the overload safety device. Six, high-speed rotating movement part should be the necessary dynamic balance or static balance test. Shenzhen mechanical processing plant
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