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Mechanical processing of engineering material choice

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-21
More mechanical processing engineering material selection of mechanical engineering material selection of CNC processing plant in not big difference between steel; All of the steel in terms of mechanical properties are similar. Their selection criteria such as brittle hard, price, and availability, etc. Not just because of this kind of steel contains another steel containing 1% 2% of the alloying elements and has the advantages of the latter makes no certain ability, or some kind of steel has a magical name. After heat treatment, any kind of all have a wide range of features; This nature also exists in the alloy steel on the consideration of CNC processing plant features (the last parts Hardness, strength and workability of) Rather than forging characteristic determines the choice of materials. Malleability little contact last characteristics; Therefore, to improve the metal forging can be of little value. High carbon steel is difficult to forge. If in a subsequent heat treatment process refinement, large grain size is the best. In the high temperature and low carbon, nickel chromium alloy steel under 520 - Under the impact of ft, lb with the same carbon content of ordinary steel is almost the same plastic. Nickel reduce the malleability of medium carbon steel, but little effect on low carbon steel. Chrome steel hardening at forging temperature, but vanadium has no obvious effect; Two kinds of processing method has no effect on high carbon steel. Forming the cold forming steel is its tensile strength and ductility of the combination of the results. CNC processing tensile strength and yield point cannot be too high otherwise need to do a lot of work when bent; Is similar with them, the steel should have high ductility, in the absence of fracture forming. Processing power depends on the size of the yield point, because the steel on the yield point began to deformation. Work hardening, meanwhile, also occurred at the same time, the metal is becoming more and more hard, increase the processing difficulty, especially in low carbon steel easy to occur in this regard, quite interesting is that you will find that sometimes it can be finished through a rapid loading large tensile, but two or three times in the form of a slow loading cannot achieve. If stretching the half is stopped, then should be annealed before reprocessing, that is to say, if there is a time for work hardening artifacts. The narrative method of this is not a science, but it is happened.
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