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Mechanical parts processing, the use of five-axis machine

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-31
Before a product listed, are looking for mechanical parts processing factory proofing, test the effect. If no problem, can open mold production, large quantities of quantities on sale. No company can bypass the ring precision parts processing, and production directly, if there is a problem, the loss is too big. Recently, one of hunan's customers will search on the net 'ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory' found in our company. Through the communication, he used to find the mechanical parts processing services, is provided by a trader, the price is a little high. Later, they found a small factory offer low, wanted to save some precision parts processing fee for the company, but on the other side of the production quality is a problem, especially the accuracy can not meet the requirements, delivery in time. At this point, the hunan there friends recommend looking for ningbo service here, and will not have these problems. His search on the Internet 'ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer, see our company's network word of mouth is still very good, a lot of old customers are recommended thumb up, so I want to try the cooperation. The customer has put our company website, have in-depth understanding of our background, intention degree is high. Our customer service will invite him convenience, to ningbo to visit the factory, after a long-term cooperation. Before long, the customer from hunan province on a business trip to ningbo, stopped by to our baoan factory, we gave them a warm reception. In precision parts processing production workshop, the customer is very surprised to find I have five axis machining machine, such as technology and equipment to let them immediately renewed confidence in cooperation. After watching, he went down the list, to pay the full price. We agreed delivery within two weeks, the subsequent cooperation unexpected success. So, hunan customer need mechanical parts processing services, we absolutely will not let you down!
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