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Mechanical parts processing, the choice of the customers in Shanghai

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-16
This year, to do mechanical parts processing, there is nothing more attractive than the price of weapons. Recently, a Shanghai customer enquiry to our company, our first reaction is to the price comparison. Shanghai there is not lack of precision spare parts suppliers, although the network developed, to ningbo procurement service is very convenient, but draw their weapons or cost-effective. From Shanghai shrewd in the country but notoriously, if ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer offer cheaper than near Shanghai suppliers, they won't all ran to the side to place the order. And the customer to do 100 pieces of aluminum mechanical parts processing, small products, the quantity is large, ratios than normal. Research for the other side of the 3 d drawings, technical requirements are not what difficulty, is to do black oxidation treatment, burr to clean, cannot have oil, get simply cannot again simple, 6061 aluminum is too cheap cheap now, we are going to make some processing fee, a few yuan can, cooperation is the fate. Shanghai customers in eye, hear our quotation directly to ask when we can delivery, and tells us that as long as don't hold up their company's plan. Run into so don't call customer or a few, and our prices have touched him, of course, this order has confirmed, so easy to earn processing, hand over a friend.
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