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Mechanical parts processing, the anxious customer urgent

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-17
Many companies are looking for mechanical parts processing services, all don't know which good? Common practice is to suppliers, search on the net to enquiries, choose a good cooperation. Ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises, we received a lot of customer enquiries every day. Many new customers are tentative cooperation with us, think of our CNC machining parts after service is good, will become our long-term customers. Recently there is a from jiangsu machinery parts processing customers, he is the old customer introduce transferred, ningbo to us his expectation precision machinery parts processing manufacturer. They have a product design for a long time, now urgent need, need to be in a very short period of time. After get the other side of the CNC parts processing figure, technology is also startled, we usually have two weeks to delivery of the goods, he left us only one week time. However, we still according to the requirements of the other mechanical parts processing a series of optimization advice, now that is the old customer introduce, must have to live on quality of the trust. Although time is very tight, we ordered the process with the customer, the main points of the difficulties, make customer feel very intimate. In a week, working overtime, sent the products to the customer on time, customers have to thank, the choice of ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory is really smart!
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