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by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-09
All say quality is the lifeline of an enterprise, so how to do a good job in quality control, reduce the cost of the enterprise? Do mechanical processing industry, why would I say that? First of all, to do mechanical parts processing, as you know, we are in the process of production, hard to avoid can appear problem, doing lathe from choose wool embryo, the size of the material, length is related to the processing technology and time, material is too long can increase the processing time, material too short cause will not be able to process. Processing, the process of every size, every step is to ask the operator to timely detection, digital caliper and micrometer is indispensable, detection accuracy reaches 0. 001mm。 For production, the operator should have enough patience and carefulness. Make sure to each parts are qualified. Good, in other words, the operator is writing programs, course of mechanical parts processing, self-check, so-so, there is a problem not found in time. To turn sequence to the quality management, found that the problem is already is late, caused a series of intermediate costs are paid for. So yuan give strict with every operator detection capability, effective guarantee product quality, the guarantee of delivery time. The importance of quality control is not regulated production, but we have to make good quality control, prevent bad product to the customer, cause unnecessary trouble. So the mechanical parts processing production cannot rely too much on product quality inspection.
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