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Mechanical parts processing prone to error?

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-08
Mechanical parts processing is an essential part of many factories technological process, use very extensive, today yuan give you of the mechanical parts processing to share with you what error? Mechanical parts processing error refers to the actual geometric parameters (parts processing after Geometric size, geometry and position) And the ideal, the degree of deviation between the geometric parameters of machining error is smaller, in line with the degree is higher, the higher machining precision. Machining precision and machining error are two kinds of views of a problem. Mechanical parts processing prone to error: 1, the positioning error: positioning error mainly includes the benchmark misalignment error and deputy produce inaccurate positioning error. 2, measuring error: as measured parts after machining or due to measurement method, the measuring precision and the workpiece and the subjective and objective factors directly affect the accuracy of measurement. 3, cutting tool error: any cutting tool in cutting process is inevitable to produce wear and tear, and the resulting artifact size and shape to change. Error: 4, clamp fixture's role is to make the workpiece is equivalent to cutting tool and machine tool has the correct position, so the fixture of geometric error of machining error ( Especially the position error) Has a great influence, machine tool error: including the error of spindle, guide and transmission chain errors. The spindle rotation error refers to the actual rotary spindle each moment axis relative to the average amount of changes in the rotation axis, it will directly affect the machining precision. Is yuan above gives today to share mechanical parts processing prone to error? All of the content, the hope can help a friend in need. Yuan is one specialized is engaged in precision machinery parts processing, non-standard automatic machine parts, machining tooling fixture design development and production of professional company, welcome to RMB, we will regularly for you to share information about the mechanical parts processing.
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