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Mechanical parts processing plant introduction to mechanical parts processing three benchmark

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-10
Mechanical parts processing plant introduction to mechanical parts processing three benchmark machinery parts manufacturing including blank forming and machining c stage, most of the parts by casting, forging, welding and stamping or the blank, then after machining. Is the first premise of mechanical parts processing technology benchmark accurately, the benchmark on the mechanical drawings are in capital letters A, B, C, D, etc with A specific symbol with ring. When the benchmark symbols on the surface and the extension of line or the plane size limit, said on the surface as a benchmark. When the benchmark symbols on the dimension line, said in the dimensioning of the center line of the entity as a benchmark. As you mentioned earlier process precision is a more general point of view. Actually a little bit more simple, craft benchmark is the benchmark used in the manufacturing parts. The following mechanical parts processing plant to make parts for you specifically used to benchmark criteria. 1, locating datum, refers to the process, the workpiece positioning in machine or jig with the benchmark. 2, measuring benchmark, refers to the parts inspection, used to be the size and location of the machined surface measurement standard. 3, the assembly benchmark, is used to determine when the assembly parts location precision in the component or product. Mechanical parts processing benchmark is the prerequisite of produce quality parts. The above content provided by the mechanical parts processing plant
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