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Mechanical parts processing: mold parts surface treatment

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-04-11
Machinery parts processing, mold parts forming the content of the surface treatment, surface treatment includes steel pore-free, uniform hardness, low anisotropy characteristic difference is small, inclusions and leave a mark, when machining parts surface grinding marks such as stress concentration area. So at the end of the process, need to surface strengthening of parts, through mechanical polishing, bench grinding, polishing, get rid of processing. Useless for workpiece edge, acute Angle, orifice blunt. Generally, machining surface of metamorphic hardening layer 6 ~ 10 & mu; Are pale color, m or so, the crispy and residual stress, before use to fully eliminate the hardening layer, method for surface polishing, grind hardened layer. Want to obtain high-quality polishing effect, workpiece material, shape, hardness as well as the machining surface quality to have sufficient consideration, must have a high quality of the polishing tools, high-quality polishing material, polishing process of the right, rigorous of personnel quality, good clean environment. You're worth it choose mechanical parts plant. You just need to. We just professional. Please visit our website: https://www. henryparts。 com/
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