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Mechanical parts processing industry transfer and industry upgrade

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-14
Sino-us trade agreement in the first stage may not have agency, the main mechanical parts processing center in the American market before the big stick of high tariffs or appears powerless. Mechanical processing enterprises became a have to outsourcing options. In fact, in the absence of sino-us trade friction, ningbo many precision parts giants have set up production line in southeast Asia. Many people worry, industrial chain 'collective run road', will lead to domestic manufacturing of hollowing out? That may not be the case. Ningbo mechanical parts processing plant to undertake, Taiwan's traditional industries transfer, most of them are labour-intensive part, is the transfer of production, the factory in mainland China, based in Taiwan. Taiwan's machinery manufacturing industry is no hollowing out, eventually form Taiwan orders, production pattern of division of labor. Today in ningbo precision parts giant, is still a taiwan-funded enterprises. Current shift production line from ningbo to Vietnam, is still a taiwan-funded enterprises in the lead, the market will push them to find a cheaper place. Ningbo precision machining industry began to shift, today also retrace the taiwan-funded enterprises of the road. Products don't have to go back to ningbo mechanical parts processing, shipment and destination for other third countries, but the payment will eventually return to ningbo. It is also relatively popular in the triangle trade business mechanical processing field. Transfer labor-intensive parts out, left the technology intensive part of the headquarters, such industry shift, necessity being also that industry upgrade. In a trade war did not happen before, ningbo has mechanical processing enterprises of 12 began. By comparing these companies have moved and some enterprise not moved, we can see, make full use of the advantage of external resources, foreign investment is higher parts processing enterprises, on the added value of the return on investment, rate of rise is higher than other companies. So, industry transfer and industry upgrade, is justified.
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