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Mechanical parts processing, high precision of target

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-17
A few days ago, an old customer to give us from WeChat ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer, they developed a high precision of the new product, now need to do the product model to verify the rationality. However, the internal structure of the product is more complex, precision is very high, to find a lot of precision parts processing factory, all can't pick up the list. Their cooperation before, machinery parts processing factory do this kind of list product effect estimates also cannot achieve! Just right in his circle of friends to see what we are doing the latest case, all of a sudden the cooperation of ningbo before precision machinery parts processing factory, to meet their company this order is just right! After all cooperation before, just haven't contact for a long time, so from WeChat consulting. The old customer immediately sent this kind of mechanical parts processing of 3 d drawings, hope we provide the offer, their company is very urgent. Only after our technology department assessment, give to the customer the quotation immediately. They have seen only, also think the price is in line with expectations, we do here before mechanical parts processing quality is good, our service toward the price. Ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory soon, we will arrange production, 10 days, according to contract agreement to the customer on time delivery, follow-up communication, is very smooth. Old customer is an old customer, key time will think of us. This case, machinery parts processing customer while looking for a lot of high precision spare parts suppliers, but in the end around a circle, or back to us, after all they know. Though not the first time tell us demand, but we are the first speed response to customer demand, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer at any time can live up to the great trust of customers!
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