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Mechanical parts processing enterprises, face to face with transition

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-13
And ring the moment, the traditional mechanical parts processing business in 2019, really not easy. If a catchword is used to describe, that is 'too difficult! 'A lot of ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer have empathy, reduced orders, we all have a not too easy. This year, the economic downturn environment, precision parts processing orders fell sharply, the impact of the wave of intelligent, let the pain of the transformation in the manufacturing industry have to face. In previous years, automobile industry has always been mechanical parts processing enterprises an important client, have done every year. Auto market, however, after more than 20 years of growth, starting in 2018, auto sales began to drop, auto precision parts processing orders are in decline. More let ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer is nerve-wracking, depressed in the coming 2020 years will also continue to continue, will not have too big difference. At the end of the year, a lot of next year's forecast is out, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer concerned about most is the automobile consumption market forecasts. As long as the automobile consumption market stability, precision parts processing market will remain stable, on the other hand, the versa. In 2020, China's automobile market or is expected to decline 3%, or more, still go out of from 2018 began to depression period, do not know when is the end. That is to say, the pressure remains mechanical parts processing enterprise profits. And, along with the development of intelligent manufacturing companies the transformation of the pressure will only grow. Under such conditions, the traditional precision parts processing enterprises of nature is nervous, have to actively seek change, after all, in the Internet age, manufacturing industry change quickly, one not careful, it may be competitors out of the team, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer have started thinking about how to strive for change!
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