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by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-01
After decades of development, machinery parts processing technology has been more and more developed, customer demand for our industry is a rising tide lifts all boats. So, a lot of small ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises more and more demanding, because the customer is getting more and more captious, old way has not adapt to the new market. At a low price now is not a winning formula on the market, the high precision spare parts with high quality and high precision is the core competitiveness. In general, small precision parts processing plants, production equipment is limited, many of them are the secondary market, with big factory cannot than imported equipment, the processing quality is worrying. If the customer don't care the price, this small factory cannot get the market at all. If mechanical parts processing quality problems, even if it is rework, estimates that a lot of customers are not hopes too high. And the size precision parts processing plants, not only has a full set of imported equipment, even five axis machine has high precision, small factory how to compete with them in terms of quality? Hardware is only one aspect of the factory, dozens of technical team or soft power, customer want to catch time limit for a project, working three shifts, 24 hours operation, can respond to the demand of the market, won't appear the phenomenon of delivery delay, this is the customer the most significance. If you are the customer, will you still for a little bit of price cheap and choose the small precision parts processing factory? Choose to have the strength of suppliers, although the price a little bit expensive, but their quality and after-sales service is guaranteed. Like our ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer, more than 10 years experience in mechanical parts processing, the whole factory production scale, more than 50 technical team, dozens of sets of import equipment, is fully capable of ensuring commitment to customers!
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