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Mechanical parts processing, can't change the mode of payment

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-31
Precision machinery parts processing factory in ningbo, every month has demanded the case of accounts payable, in addition to the financial, even if it is customer service, or after-sales service team, to share a little after work. Situation, or a prior to pay the advance payment, after the arrival of the goods and then pay the balance payment conditions, we should know mechanical parts processing business is not good again. However, our customer service in the process of the offer, every month upon receiving the customer want us to change the terms of payment, what is the arrival of the goods of payment, monthly payment for goods, what in our mechanical parts processing plants are not be considered. Because of this mat endowment production, precision machinery parts processing manufacturer for our ningbo is so not forget it. Yesterday, there was a stick to monthly statement of customers to visit our factory. We have their mechanical parts processing online orders made in-depth communication, both sides have reached a cooperation intention, but poor finishing. We ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises almost did not accept month knot of payment, or this is our rules. Our boss received this customer, mechanical parts processing drawings had in-depth communication, customer is very recognized our processing capacity, but unable to discuss of payment, so we have no other way. Of course, we recommend a person talk to several ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises, wish them good luck!
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