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Mechanical parts processing and manufacturing of gaps in the face

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-09
Long-term since, our country mechanical parts processing and manufacturing manufacturing level there is a big gap with the developed countries. With the help of the human cost advantage, precision parts processing industry in China rise rapidly, but mainly concentrated in the low part of the industrial chain. While manufacturing value chain part, has long been controlled by developed countries, to obtain huge profits in the field of metal processing. China and developed countries manufacturing gap is mainly reflected in the following three aspects: one is the lack of independent innovation. In the aspect of independent innovation, is the top issue facing the mechanical processing manufacturing in China. Especially in intelligent parts processing stage of transformation and upgrading of domestic CNC parts processing enterprises with completely independent intellectual property rights of technology products are scarce, less original technology and basic research, key technology and core parts must rely on import. If foreign outages, stuck our necks, higher external dependency. The second is to improve the industrial structure. After decades of development, the domestic machinery industry is concentrated in the mid-range part, led to overcapacity, high-end industry support capability, the supply of intelligent precision parts processing ability can not get effective, especially the advanced equipment and core components manufacturing, high technology and high performance materials and so on, causes our country numerical control machining parts manufacturing low-end competition seriously. Three is large energy consumption. Mechanical processing industry's extensive long-term development, one-sided pursuit of economic interests, while ignoring the environment friendly requirements. Domestic parts processing enterprises are also subject to the lack of corporate social responsibility system construction, environmental protection technology development, environmental protection investment, etc. , manufacturing large difference with developed countries. With the development of domestic environmental protection policy, domestic manufacturing of extensive development has come to an end.
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