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Mechanical parts processing, 100 pieces of the order

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-02
Many clients on the Internet to find the ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory, intermittent keep communication, but it is not order. Our customer service to handle this customer base are very experienced, must let his field visit to the factory, generally the scene can finalize cooperation, a recent 100 pieces of mechanical parts processing customers. This is a customer from huizhou, they company recently need to purchase 100 pieces of precision parts processing products. Because the quantity is large, is not that kind of a few orders, so the supplier selection is more strict, talked about a few online, but did not finally settled. Our company is one of the alternative partners. For this kind of big clients, average price is not suitable for them, the main value or the strength of the mechanical parts processing. Speak more online, and for this kind of customers are not big touches, because they see too much, be sure to let them see the strength of the partners, to let them produce shock, before they can be rest assured of order. Our customer have been push customer to visit our ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer, online display device can be seen in offline. This week, the other party finally have time to ningbo, we warmly received at the factory in huizhou customer, in our precision parts processing production line went a circle, is full of praise for our customers, 100 pieces of the order.
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