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Measures for increasing accuracy of mechanical parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-09-30
Machining precision in the field of mechanical parts processing industry, there is the concept that everyone should have. So today to share technological measures to improve the machining accuracy under what! ! ! ! 1. To reduce the original error of this method is widely used in the production of a basic method. It is after find out a major factor in the production of machining error, try to eliminate or reduce these factors. Of slender shaft turning, for example, now adopted reverse turning method, a big knife basically eliminated the axial cutting force caused by bending deformation. If supplemented by spring top, can further remove the thermal deformation caused by the influence of thermal elongation. 2. Original error compensation method of error compensation, it is artificially created a new kind of error, to offset the original error in the original process system. When the original error is negative human error is positively, on the other hand, negative, and try to make both equal; Or use a primitive error to offset another original errors, and try to make both equal, in the opposite direction, so as to reduce machining error, enhance the machining precision. 3. Transfer the original error error transfer method is essentially transfer process system of geometric error, mechanical deformation and thermal deformation, etc. An instance of a lot of error transfer method. Such as when required by the machine tool accuracy can not meet the parts processing, often not blindly to improve the accuracy of machine tool, but from the process or to find a way to clamp, create conditions and make the machine tool geometric error transfer to does not affect the machining accuracy of aspects. Such as grinding spindle taper hole to ensure its neck and shaft alignment, not by machine tool spindle rotation accuracy to ensure that, but by the fixture. When the connection between spindle and artifacts with floating, the original error of machine tool spindle is moved away. 4. Divide the original error in the processing, the blank or procedure error ( Hereinafter generally referred to as the 'original error') Existence, often caused by the process of machining error, or because the workpiece material properties change, or the process of technological change, Such as blank after the elaboration, cancel the original machining process) , large changes in the original error caused by the change of original error, the influence of this process mainly has two kinds of circumstances: (1). Error rerun, cause this process error; ⑵。 Position error, error of this process. Solve this problem, it is best to divide by grouping adjustment to the error. The essence of this approach is that the original error according to their size are divided into n groups, each group of blank error range is narrowed to the original 1 / n, and then press each processing respectively. 5. In the original error to cooperate with high accuracy shaft and hole, often using grinding process. Tool itself does not require high precision, but it can in and relative motion artifacts to trace artifacts in the process of cutting, high by wear off gradually, Mould, of course, also be the workpiece grinding to part) Eventually make the workpiece reach high accuracy. Between the surface of the friction and wear process, is the process of error reduced. This is the error of homogenization method. Its essence is to use surface compare with close ties, check from the comparison of differences between each other, and then corrected by each other or each datum processing, make the error of the workpiece machined surface is shrinking and all. In production, many precise benchmark ( Such as tablet, ruler, Angle gauge, end tooth indexing plate, etc. ) Is error by using homogenization method processing. 6. Processing method on the accuracy of some problems in the processing and assembling, involving the relationship between the parts or components, and is quite complex, if blindly to improve the precision parts and components itself, sometimes not only difficult, even impossible, if the on-site processing method ( Also known as its processing and replacement method) Method, it is possible to easily to solve the problem of the accuracy of the looks very difficult. In situ processing method in mechanical parts processing commonly used as the effective measures to ensure parts processing precision. Above is the measures for increasing accuracy of mechanical parts processing, hope can help to you!
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