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Material selection of sheet metal processing factory

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-04
Commentary sheet metal material selection of sheet metal processing factory manufacture materials commonly used ( 为何) , hot rolled plate ( SHCC) , galvanized sheet, SECC、SGCC) Copper ( CU) Brass, copper, beryllium copper, aluminum, 6061, 6063, hard aluminum, etc. ) , aluminum, stainless steel, Mirror, wire drawing, mist side) 。 Sheet metal processing factory of galvanized sheet SECC, SGCC. SECC electrolytic plate points, N, P, N is not primarily for surface treatment, high cost, P material used for spraying. Manufacture (SPCC), mainly in electroplating and the lacquer that bake, low cost, easy molding, material thickness & le; 3. 3mm。 Stainless steel; Mainly use do not make any surface treatment, and high cost. Hot rolled plate SHCC, materials T≥ 3. 0 mm, with electroplating, painting, the cost is low, but difficult to molding, mainly use tablet. Aluminum plate; Surface is commonly used in chromate ( J11 - 一) , oxidation ( Conductive oxidation, chemical oxidation) , the cost is high, with silver plating, nickel plating. Lu: xingcai; Cross section structure of complex materials, used for various kinds of boxes. Surface treatment with aluminum plate. Copper; Sheet metal processing factory main conductive materials, the surface treatment is nickel plating, chrome plating, or for processing, high cost. Given yuan is a commitment to the development of coating equipment and related equipment, manufacturing equipment and accessories manufacturing of high-tech enterprises, mainly engaged in coating production of spare parts, precision parts processing, and batch processing, tel: 0086 - 574 - 55224980
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