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Master precision parts processing, length of service in more than five years

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-26
Children's toys, now many are used the precision parts processing. Such as a small plane, story machine, remote control cars, and so on, a lot of ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory specializing in the production of this kind of toy. First out drawings, proofing, model checking is no problem, to mass production. As the second child fully open, this kind of toy market began to spurt of growth, at the same time, greatly increase the CNC parts processing orders also. Making toys or last year, there was a boss found we through friends, they have new toys to do precision parts processing. Before come to our factory, he makes our friends made a roughly, processing equipment, technical team, technology level, service process and charge level. Because his friend is our old customer, so basically can finalize the cooperation. However, we still invite the toy factory boss to visit our factory, to the scene to look at our did toy precision parts processing samples, so that customers more comfort in mind. Later, he come to visit our ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory in the sample room and production workshop, see so many senior teacher, so big of the scale of production, will not hesitate to order!
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