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Making aluminum alloy method can avoid the deformation of parts

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-06
Aluminium alloy is an important industrial raw material. Because of its hardness is relatively small, heat shrinkable coefficient is larger, in machining thin-walled sheet parts easy to attack. In addition to improve the cutting tool performance, and advance with aging treatment of the internal stress of offset data, from the Angle of the processing technology, also can take some wrist, as far as possible to reduce data processing deformation. About the machining allowance large aluminum alloy parts, in order to better heat dissipation conditions invention, reduce the thermal deformation, need to try to prevent heat concentration, processing can take way is symmetry. , for example, has a 90 mm thick aluminum alloy plate, which needs the milling to 60 mm thick, if the other side milling good side immediately turn it over after milling, since each side is a size, after processing to continuous machining allowance is bigger, can form heat concentration. Such good milling aluminum alloy plate flatness can reach 5 mm. If use the symmetry of two sides repeat feed processing method, make each side at least two processing, after reach reach size, so conducive to heat dissipation, flatness control in 0. 3 mm. Layered repeatedly processing method when there are multiple cavity demands on the aluminum alloy parts processing, if use a mold cavity, in turn, processing method, is easy to make the cavity wall deformation due to the average stress is not bound. Good treatment method is to adopt hierarchical repeated processing method, namely to stop all cavity processing, at the same time but not finish in one time, but of a number of levels, the size of the processing to demand one by one. Such parts force will compare the average, the probability of deformation is small. Just select the appropriate cutting parameter of cutting parameter can effectively reduce the cutting force and cutting heat in the process of cutting. Machining process, cutting dosage partial assembly incur a knife cutting force is too large, easy to deformation of the formed parts, but also for machine tool spindle rigidity and cutting tool durability will be formed. In the various elements of cutting parameter, the influence on cutting force is turning back. Supposedly reduced back turning to ensure parts deformation, but also reduces the processing efficiency. Nc machining of high speed milling can deal with this problem, only needs in reducing turning at the same time, the amount of feed accordingly, and advances the speed of the machine tool, can both reduce the cutting force, and can guarantee the machining efficiency. 。
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