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Maintenance of CNC lathe

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-25
Attention more maintenance of CNC lathe CNC numerical control machine tool, is refers to a process control system of automatic machine tools. The control system is able to handle the with logic control code or other symbols in accordance with procedures prescribed by the instruction, and the decoding, to make the machine movement and machining parts. CNC machine tools is also called nc machine tools, CNC lathes, etc. , Hong Kong and guangdong pearl river delta region in our country is referred to as the computer directly to the gong. Compared with the ordinary machine tool, CNC machine tool processing of high precision, stable quality; And for multi-axis linkage, thereby processing complicated shape parts; When machining parts change, you just need to change the CNC program, greatly save the production preparation time; At the same time the high precision of CNC machine tool itself, big rigidity, can choose favorable processing amount, high productivity; And for the operator, a high degree of automation, CNC machine tool is also greatly reduced the labor intensity; But because of the professionalism of the process control system, the quality requirements for operation and maintenance personnel is relatively high. Maintenance of CNC machine tool maintenance than ordinary machine tool is more professional and meticulous, not only the maintenance personnel must have the machinery, processing technology and hydraulic knowledge, is the electronic computer, automatic control, drive and measurement technology, such as knowledge, so as to fully understand and master the nc lathe, do well the maintenance work in time. Maintenance mainly pay attention to three points: 1, the optimized processing production environment. Numerical control lathe the use of specific environment will affect the normal operation of machine tools, and so at the time of installation and use of the machine tool should be in conformity with the provisions as far as possible the installation conditions, meet the needs for the production of machine tools. Under the condition of the economic conditions permit, it is best to numerical control lathe and isolation was general machinery processing equipment, so that the machine tool repair and maintenance. Cleaned regularly, and for the factory to the electrical cabinet, circuit board and so on the examination of the ash removal, etc. 2, cultivate professional machine tool maintenance personnel. These personnel should be familiar with the use of machinery, machine tool numerical control system, high voltage equipment, hydraulic, pneumatic and other part of characteristics and using the environment, and processing conditions, and can properly according to the requirement of the machine tool and system operation instruction using numerical control lathe. 3, to use CMOS components of machine tools, in the event of a low voltage alarm, must replace the battery in time, and must be done under the conditions of electric control system, or you will make storage parameter is missing, cause of CNC system doesn't work. For the idle for a long time of nc machine tools. When idle, electricity should also often give nc system, and in the light condition. It often rain in the humid region or season should be more electricity, everyday use electrical heating element itself out in numerical control cabinet of moisture, so as to ensure the stable and reliable performance of electronic components.
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