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Machining process and heat treatment and precision between the decomposition

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-02
Ningbo yuan gives the machining parts machining process of heat treatment, generally can be divided into preliminary and final heat treatment of these two kinds of heat treatment. Preliminary heat treatment: its purpose is to improve the mechanical properties, eliminate the internal stress, in order to prepare for the final heat treatment, generally including annealing, normalizing, tempering, and aging treatment, etc. These processes. To prepare heat treatment, usually after rough machining. Final heat treatment: its purpose is to improve the hardness and wear resistance of the parts, such as quenching, carburizing, nitriding process, is usually conducted before and after finishing, finishing. Content 2: the precision of the machining accuracy of machining, mainly embodied in the following several aspects, for dimensional accuracy, precision and position accuracy of geometry geometry precision roundness and straightness and flatness, position accuracy of including parallelism, perpendicularity and coaxial degree, etc.
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