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Machining precision metal parts of specific methods is introduced

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-04-13
Mechanical work before check smooth movement can partial filling the oil, then start and check the clutch and brake can be normal, and the machine idle running 1 - 3 minutes, when there was something wrong with mechanical operation is strictly prohibited. Adhere to the correct posture while working, want to have enough physical work, such as found unwell to separate jobs, and to guide the reflection. Operation thoughts, forbidden to chat and cooperate with each other, the operator do not operate under state of anxiety, fatigue, in order to avoid accidents, ensure the safe operation. All staff before entering the work, can check my clothes fit into the work request. Not allowed to wear slippers, high heels, and influence the clothing of peace, to keep long hair to Dai Ping cap. First shut off the power when change mould, punch movement department after operation was suspended, before beginning installation, debug the mould. Device adjustment, after the end of hand carry flywheel try twice, check up and down mould, symmetrical and reasonable screw can consolidate, rim can be in a reasonable position. All mechanical workspace separately, such as its personnel, and to take away after working on the stage of sundry, before starting power to start the machine. Mechanical work, stop to dig its hand deeper into the slider workspace, it is strictly prohibited, leave work pieces by hand. In punching die, leave work pieces when used with standard tools. If discover to there is abnormal sound or the machine mechanical failure, should immediately shut off the power switch to stop check. After machine, by one person and mechanical operation, the others shall not be push in turbine or stamped on the pedal switch board, don't put hand in mechanical workspace or local hand touches the mechanical movement.
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